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Enjoy the outdoors. You’ll find ample outdoor space around the building and on the rooftop. Spaces include tables, chairs, lounge areas, cooking areas, a pool, and decorative vegetation for relaxed places to retreat, gather, and mingle. Lighter colored pavers also make these outdoor areas more comfortable by lessening any city heat. Learn more

See clearly. All exterior lighting fixtures were selected to reduce backlight, uplight, and glare. Site amenity fixtures are controlled by timers to prevent lighting of unoccupied areas. By limiting unwanted lighting, light pollution is reduced for comfortability, improving the view of the beautiful nighttime sky. Learn more

Breathe easier. Using MERV 13 air filters, most outdoor and indoor particulates are removed from the air. This includes pollen, smoke, pet dander, dust mites, mold, bacteria, and some viruses. Learn more